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BCU Home Page


It’s all about trust.

Baxter Credit Union Investment Advisors (BCUIA) is a group of nearly 20 investment professionals. Member owned, BCUIA provides customized financial education services to companies and their employees, as well as a wide variety of financial planning services to private individual and family clients.

Baxter Credit Union (BCU) created a website for its Investment Advisors (IA) without giving them much input. BCUIA decided to create its own website to better meet its specific needs. They wanted the site to be an informative destination for its prospective and current members, and to serve as an effective lead-generation tool

BCUIA wanted its site to become a go-to resource for sound financial advice and education – and they wanted the site to portray the BCUIA team as high-touch professionals.

The website development team and I began with a series of client meetings to understand BCUIA’s challenges, objectives, resources and much more. Our biggest takeaway was that the new site needed to connect with users on an emotional level and immediately establish an initial level of credibility and trust.

To do this, we included elements that resonated with the target audience throughout the site. The site did discuss specific service offerings. However, since financial planning is often a highly-emotional event, we created a series of life stories to provide highly relatable examples of how BCUIA’s services would help an individual experiencing a major life event such as the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one, retiring and more.


BCU Life Stories

BCU Life Stories


This site is now the organization’s primary driver and depository of its integrated marketing efforts and materials, including its newsletters, educational seminars and webinars.

After the site launched, BCUIA saw:

  • More than 300 percent increase in leads
  • More than 500 percent increase in web traffic
  • According to BCUIA, the new site has more than paid for itself.

Check it out: www.bcuia.org